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Welcome to the Bad Axe Lake Association website. The purpose for building this website is to share information of interest to the lake association members and the surrounding area. The pristine beauty of the lake is one difficult to describe on a web page. Association members enjoy the quiet and peaceful surroundings only interrupted by the sounds of the critters who also live on the lake. Other sounds are families and friends gathering together making memories that last a lifetime. Along with the activities and fun we’ve had with family and lake friends.

The Lake Association is dedicated to protecting the lake and the board members periodically send e-mail information to its members. One newsletter from the COLA President informed us about the need for property owners to be responsible for protecting the lakes. Dan Kittilson’s Presidents Letter in the COLA Fall Newsletter stated “an effort is just getting started and will be a major focus during the upcoming winter season is the new “Hubbard County Aquatic Invasive Species Task Force”. This initiative will feature multiple levels of partners including county, state, COLA, lake associations, citizens, and our local business community. The key message will be that “Everyone is Responsible”, including the state legislature, DNR, local government, organizations, lakeshore property owners, and boaters/anglers.

This web page is provided and updated by Steve and Jerry Lee Jensen. Let us know if you would like other items placed on the website for others to enjoy.  If you would like to have your lake photos or other information added to the website for others to enjoy, please feel free to e-mail us at:


Thanks to Linda Weih for the beautiful photo of Bad Axe Lake that appears at the top of each page on this web site.


EMMAVILLE STORE has been back since January 2011 and what an experience. It is the social gathering of the area. Stop in any time and you will find a friend enjoying freshly brewed coffee or delicious home cooked food like pancakes with fresh rasberries. And like the sign said, “If we don’t have it, you don’t need it.” The new owners, Mike and Melinda Spry, have remodeled and worked so hard to serve the surrounding community to meet their essentials needs. The store’s phone number is 218-732-8544.

Emmaville 2006

Emmaville – Old School 2006

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Where friends meet………………

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Bad Axe Ladies Breakfast at Emmaville

Bad Axe Ladies Breakfast at Emmaville